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About Us

 Inspired by animals and the Australian culture, local artist, Annie, creates unique watercolour paintings that she shares to the people of Melbourne at the Queen Victoria Market. She believes that art is for lightening up people’s lives and for bringing everyone happiness. Through each of her paintings she expresses her own style, finessing the linework and carefully balancing her use of colours which give her paintings a personality of their own.
Annie founded Annie’s Creation and Collection in 2014. Her collection includes a variety of clothing, bags, handmade accessories and homewares which all highlight her watercolour paintings and designs.
In 2018, Annie was invited to show her collection and designs at the New York Fashion Week Runway Show. Annie was involved in every stage of the process from designing the pieces up until the final runway. Her show received high appraisal from other designers and the audience.

“Life is more than black and white, fill your own colours in” – Annie